Mixed ice cream

menu05Mixed ice cream with whipped cream garnished with various fresh fruits served with sparklers candles for a pleasant surprise to our little and big friends.

Pork Fillet

menu08Another one of our best dishes. We always use only fresh pork fillet cooked to your preference accompanied with fresh vegetables, rice and baked potatoes or fries. This dish can be served plain or with a sauce of your choice.


menu09This dish has been named kleftiko meaning thieves since ancient times as it had been made made from a stolen lamb. We needless to say have taken only the name and recipe. The lamb is wrapped and cooked in oilfree paper accompanied by fresh vegetables traditional cheeses from Chania and natural olive oil and Roman wine. It is one of the best dishes well worth trying.


menu01Dish for two full of delights. Includes salad, tzatziki, fresh fries in olive oil, handmade burgers with fresh ground beef and lots of fresh herbs. Skewers of pork and chicken and traditional pork, homemade sausages.


mousakaTraditional homemade food from homemaderecipe, rich with fresh mince, zucchini, potatoes and cream made from fresh milk, butter and flour prepared on the spot.